This name represents all the features of carefully designed professional wedding photography.

The two of us, Aslan and Doris, got to know each other during our photographic education and have worked as a cheerfully fresh duo ever since.

What thrills us both about photography is getting to know different people, their unique stories and traditions. And where better to experience and capture these stories than at the exceptional occasion of a wedding celebration?

As wedding photographers we are based in Vienna, but we are available in the whole of Europe and for certain occasions even beyond! Traveling is one of the many wonderful parts of our job.



We place particular emphasis on creating different ambiences. One way to show that is our specialisation on Polaroids. Beside that, we prefer working with daylight because it brings out the purity of the moment. But rest assured: we will be equipped for every light situation at your wedding.

Our retouching style is minimalist and natural with slight vintage influences.

We practice our craft with joy and passion; that is why our well-trained eyes discover every precious little detail on your wedding day.


We are excited to get to know you and to let our photos tell the story of your fabulous, joyful day.

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